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Do you prefer clean room led panel light to clean room light fixtures with bulbs?


Cleanroom lights are necessary products in cleanrooms. In order to decide the lights for your cleanroom, you should compare both advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of lights and consider carefully. If your choice is wrong, it takes lots of time and money to replace it.

If you have no idea about Cleanroom light, please read this article below first: 5 things everyone should know about cleanroom lights

Cleanroom light fixture with bulbs Cleanroom led panel light
– Light source: Traditional fluorescent light bulbs or LED bulbs, type: T8/T5

– White, transparent design

– Weight design of the light does not affect the bearing capacity of the ceiling, is easy to mount and position.

– The beveled four-corner design of the light trough optimizes dust resistance and is easy to clean

– Ultra-thin sheet design uses diffused light technology to help light harmonize, not to blink and save electricity

– High-quality light (CRI> = 80) increases the ability to identify the colors of the object and helps to natural light. It meets Vietnam lighting standards TCVN 7114: 2008

– Application of light-guide technology on optical glass plates transforms LED point light sources into flat light sources, evenly distributes light on the surface of the lamp, limiting glare.

– Environmentally friendly: Does not contain mercury and toxic chemicals, does not emit ultraviolet rays, safe for users.

– 4-angle beveled design for optimal dust resistance and easy cleaning when needed, meeting strict GMP regulations.

– The light frame is made of high-grade powder coated stainless steel, with beveled corners greater than 90 degrees, dust-free

– The reflector is made of high-grade aluminum for high reflectivity and longevity

– Light protective cap is made of high-quality mica for good light penetration, no discoloration caused by the temperature emitted by the bulb

– Wire made from copper meets 0.5 mm2 standard

– Use a high-efficiency electronic rectifier or an LED-operated power source, can use a rectifier or an LED-operated power source with the customer-requested brand, can install additional emergency equipment

– Uniformly light emission, delicate structure, and high aesthetics

– LED technology application does not emit UV rays

– Save electricity up to 53%

– Life span: up to 25,000 hours, high reliability, unlimited number of times toggles. 3-4 times more durable than fluorescent lamps

– Electromagnetic compatibility EMC / EM. This helps not to cause interference to electronic products and is not affected by interference from other electronic devices.

– Easy to mount (suspending, cladding, or recessing) – Harder to mount (cladding or recessing)
– Easy to replace in case of breakdown (if the bulb breaks down, we just need to replace the bulb, not to intervene in the tray – If LED breaks down, we have to fix or replace the whole light
– Industrial design, good aesthetics, should not be installed in the office, should give priority to the manufacturing area – Modern and luxurious design, can be installed in all areas from offices to manufacturing areas, laboratories,…
– Cheaper than led panel light (with the same parameters) – More expensive than cleanroom light with bulbs (with the same parameters)


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